Vegan at Ground Zero Performance Café- (USC) Los Angeles, CA

So if you’re a current Trojan, you definitely know  Ground Zero. And if you don’t, well…you must live in Parkside Darkside, which is unfortunate….but at least you don’t have to deal with EVK :0 . Anyway, if you’re not a Trojan, (you’re a Trojan in my heart), Ground Zero is a cafe on campus (near South Residential dorms ) and it’s super chill and where all the hip people go. It’s a great place to do homework when nobody is preforming there, but also  a great place to socialize and have great entertainment when somebody IS preforming there. They always have musicians come and bands and stand up comedians and stuff. It’s super cool. Also, it’s a great place to scope out the cute musicians, if you know whatta mean… #winkwink 

Real talk though, Im so lonely I’ve started telling people that I’m dating someone named Kris Kringle. Nobody has connected the dots yet. #MyLifeIsSad #KrisGetsMeManyGifts #EspeciallyInDecember

Anyway, this place is really famous for their (not vegan #FuckAllayal) milkshakes, but they have great coffee and such and offer soy milk. No this place does not take dining dollars btdubs, but the chai latte with soy milk i got today was worth the 4.25 dollars because it was like a the size between a grande and venti at Starbucks. 

They not only have chai lattes, but also lattes with different syrup shots (idk if they are vegan doe…most at Starbucks are) and they have a drink called Squishy that is a Sprite Ice Blended with a fruity flavor shot. Sounds good to me! They have a bunch of other cool drinks too that I’m pretty sure are vegan and they have delicious looking Everything bagels that I’m pretty sure are vegan too. I’m just too lazy to write out all the drink options so here’s a link to their menu #DoItYourselfBitch #JK #ThatWasReallyHarsh #IWasKidding #ButSeriously #ImTooLazy

Anyway, check it out for some hip vibes, cool coffee, and cute musicians 😉


Outside of Ground Zero on the wall it says “I Love You” in duct tape. So here’s a photo of Olie and I posing in front of it like the sad single lonely losers we are



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