Vegan at USC Farmer’s Market- USC Campus, Downtown LA (CA)

So, here we are again talking about the bomb-ass USC famer’s market. 

They honestly have everything there a vegan could ever want. Countless fruit stands, candied nuts, dried fruits, falafel, hummus, pita, bread, tofu tacos, sugar cane drinks, you friggen name it. Well, today I decided to go after class and get some grub because I was feelin down (For grub, not like down as in sadness; however, I did go alone so maybe I was a bit down lol #EmoVegan) 

Anyway, so this stand called Fusion has bags of root vegetables like beets and sweet potatoes made into little bags of chips with two ingredients: the vegetable and that yummy delicious thing called canola oil. Anyway, I got the beet chips and if you like beets, you will LOVE LOVE these. So good!!! And, apparently, if I advertise them on social media, I get a free bag next week so hehehehe lets see if my master plan works!

Then I got garlic hummus from the Baba foods tent which was pretty much like indian food. The guy selling them was funny, a bit on the sassy side not gonna lie, but the hummus was yummus. 

And then, wait for it. Highlight of my day:  I went to get hummus from another stand (Because I wanted a classic hummus like me because Im a classy motherfucker #jokes) called “moms products” or IDK the name, I just call it the other hummus stand, but I had to buy $10 worth of things to use my credit card so I was like “No, its okay” and put the $4 hummus down and the guy was like “No! Just take it. Dont worry about it. Pay me back another day” and I was like “Are you sure?” and he was like “If it makes you happy, take it!” and I was like AWWWWW kdnoindpzxy you’re like the coolest guy ever. And btw the hummus was SO yummus. 

So yeah, pretty much my day rocked because I got free hummus. Who’s day wouldn’t be amazing with some free hummus? Anyway, go buy hummus from that guy, he’s a cool generous dude. 

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