Vegan at LA Cafe- (Downtown) Los Angeles, CA

So if you guys are avid ThatVeganLieDoe fans (because we know you all are), you guys have all heard of LA Cafe. LA Cafe is the place that delivers 24 hours to the USC campus and the food is BOMB. SO GOOD. So basically, LA Cafe is a gift sent from Heaven. Well, today Olie, her roomate, our friend Candice, and I went to check out Candice’s church for sunday service. It was a really cool church because it took place in a nightclub and had flashing lights and huge screens that played videos of the ocean waves and stuff. Pretty cool.

So anyways, right by the church is not only a Starbucks (STARBUCKS IS MY LIFE jdhgjdhfjsdkh), but also LA CAFE IN THE FLESH. Ok not in the flesh (that would be weird?), but the actual store. How cool is that!? LA Cafe always just feels like a figment of my imagination. I feel like the delivery men are dropped off by storks at the USC campus. I never really pictured there actually being a restaurant behind this place! I was kind of star struck, not gonna lie. I mean, as star struck as i would be if i met Chloe Moretz (haha just kidding. I would die if i met Chloe), but still, i was psyched to eat at LA Cafe. The cafe itself is super cute and the menu is the same as the one online.

Today Olie and I got the strawberry mint lemonade and the cosmic kale salad (Which was literally one of the best salads i have EVER had in my entire life…and that’s saying a lot because as a vegan, i’ve eaten a lot of salads. Just sayin #SaladQueenOverHere #BowDown) Anyways, i got it with all the toppings and dressing but Olie was being picky so she asked for some of the toppings taken off and the dressing on the side #HowClassy She also got a fruit salad, and i can verify that LA Cafe has delicious fruit (and that’s saying a lot because as a vegan, i’ve eaten a lot of fruit #FruitQueen #BowDown #OkI’llStopNow #PowerTrip )

So anyways, you must check out LA Cafe either the actual cafe or the delivery service because they know what is UP even though they are DOWN(town)! #StupidJoke #LikeMe 



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