Vegan at Made in America Music Festival- Downtown LA (CA)

So, as part of our college experience, we felt it totally necessary to explore all the things “Los angeles has to offer” and attend a music festival. And you know what that means? Hot shirtless guys walking around, delicious food trucks, and drool worthy, ovary exploding John Mayor’s voice. So we ventured out with our friends Ali, Will, and Candace and went to the Made in America festival. I mean, it felt appropriate, because I was “made” in America… #ok #ew #visuals #no #forgethatcomment

So it was like a trillion degress and I definitely sweated off my body weight (Jk I wish), my legs were about to buckle under me and fall off for standing for 6 hours straight, and I inhaled so much second hand weed I probably could’ve gotten high, even though, the concert was soooooooo much fun!

But back to the vegan stuff, right? That’s why you’re here. Jk no one’s here. Nobody reads this blog. No one is reading this right now. I mean, are you?

Anyway, there were like 50 food trucks and we found  Smokin’ Willie’s BBQ truck that had vegan BBQ tofu tacos- which is really ironic because they’re slogan is “BBQ so good, it’s unethical”. Oh the irony in life…But the tacos were really good! (Get two or three, they’re pretty small) 

And after our bad snow cone experience at the football game the other day, we were like, we gotta redeem ourselves. So we went to A ROCKin ICE and got cherry shaved ice (Specified with no ice cream at the bottom) and it was super yummy!!!! Definitely redeeming. I have been redeemped. Coming to theatres near you: The Shave-iced Redemption. 

Anyway, as for the concert- John Mayor somehow found a way to be cute, sexy, beautiful, hot, nerdy, and perfect all at once. I know he’s like a total douche but apparently he’s changed (Whether thats true, idk. He’s just pretty to look at) and then, yes we experienced Yeezus (Kanye West). Two great performers with bad reputations who asked us to go on social media and tell the world that they are really great people at heart. So there you have it ladies and gentleman. Two changed men. Halleluhiah.

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