Vegan at Yard House- (LA Live) Los Angeles, CA

So our floor RA Candice is the coolest and she took me, Olie, her roomate, and our two friends Austin and Alex to LA Live to catch dinner and a movie last night! #HowDoYouCatchDinner? #InABaseballGlove? #OkThatWasABadJoke #IApologize

Anyway, so we went to this really cool place called Yard House that has a cool vibe and is actually famous for their beer. They even have see-through rooms filled with kegs! YUS!!! #JK #DontDrink #DrunkOnSoberFun #ActuallyDrunkOnVeganFood #YeahThatsBetter

Butttttt aside from their gazillion kegs, they have a TON of vegan options. We had a waitress in training as our waitress and she was super helpful (Wink wink if anybody reads this blog that works there, hire her!!). She told me that anything labeled V for Vegetarian can be modified to be vegan or she would check if it could. They even had Gardien chicken (fake chicken) so you could get things like vegan orange chicken and vegan chicken wings and really cool stuff like that. Like the menu reminded me of the day when vegans and non-vegans will be able to walk in peace together #IHaveADream 

Olie and I got the tofu mushroom lettuce wraps that were good and came with three dipping sauces (2 out of the 3 were spicy so watch out! Unless you’re a sassy hispanic firecracker, then GO FOR IT GURL!) Then we went to see Let’s Be Cops (but Let’s Be Honest, Jake Johnson was the only funny part about it. And every woman character in that film was either stripping or fighting over a man. Seriously, these standards for women invented by film are actually DISGUSTING. #STAPP #NotCool #Ugh #ImmaFeminist #ProudOfIt)

ANYWAY if you’re ever at LA Live for a movie and want some vegan grub, deff check out Yard House (i feel really sassy calling it just “Yard House”. Like i feel like it needs to be called “THE Yard House” #Kthanksbye)


Also, at the theater ran into our childhood friend’s movie poster for her new film Innocence! Check it out in theaters! Go Sophie!!



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