USC’s Farmer’s Market- USC Campus, Downtown LA (CA)

So, in the midst of all this craziness of college (Incuding rushing for sororities which is by the way hell. I totally dropped and don’t recommend it unless you like talking and smiling for 6 hours straight, standing in 5 inch heels for 6 hours straight, and getting back to your dorm at 2 oclock in the morning after talking and standing in your heels for six hours straight. However, if that’s your style then- you do you brotha) the Farmer’s Market was like a nice fresh of breath air. 

They have so many options and it comes every single Wednesday on the McCarthy Quad with a bunch of food stands and stuff. (And lots of cute guys to watch on the prowl…hehehehe). They have delicious fresh fruits and nuts and drinks stands and all sorts of delicious yums a chubster like me could dream of! Here are the stands we went to: 

1) Gelati Celesti 

They have a whole menu of vegan sorbets as well as sorbets in fruits (Which I thought was cute but like kinda aggressive to walk around college with). I got pom-mango (For those on the slower side or running on three hours of sleep like me, the flavor is a mix of pommegrante and mango) and it was super yummy and refreshing. 

2) Fusion Tacos

This place has a vegitarean taco with tofu and orange glaze and it was sooo yummy! I only got one because they said it would be big and it was tiny! I was like “Girrrrrl, you callin me fat?”. Bottom line: just get two. It’s only $5 cash and it is delisioso. 

3) Okay we didn’t actually go to these places but the Mucho Mole stand has vegan enchiladas and vegan salsas and stuff. Ishan’s Falafel is vegan and they have AMAZEBALLS falafal BALLS #balllz. If you love falafel, you will love this. And then if you’re leniant about honey, there is a honey sweetened drink stand with like twenty different jugs of juice. If your into that jug life doe, I mean. 

Anyway, check it out home skillet biscuits!

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