Vegan at Clover Juice- Los Angeles, CA

So Olie and I are begin open-minded about college and are deciding to rushhhhhh. But if you’re like us and have curly rats nests as hair, you realize that ‘looking presentable’ does not include keeping your hair curly. Sooooooo, Olie and I took a trip to the Dry Bar is Los Angeles on W 3rd St and got a blowout done for $40 (i highly recommend this place. They don’t charge you nearly as much as regular fancy blow dry places and they do a great job (i first spelled job as ‘drob’ and couldn’t find anything wrong with it….what da fu is wrong with me?) and the people there treat you like you’re in a five star hair salon.  So cool! #FeelinGood 

So anyways, like the sneaky spy i am, i saw some lady walk into the Dry Bar holding a half drunken (#SheBeDrinkin) bottle of purplish juice from a place called Clover. And being the Sherlock that i am, i assumed that she must have bought it from around here because people don’t just drink half their juice and then bring it with them to the hair salon. So Olie asked the the person at the salon counter where the juice was and she pointed to across the street! #YUS #ImSherlockNow #SorryBenedictCumberbatch #WhosTheCumberBitchNow?

So we went and it’s super cute and like hidden in a wall. It’s a bit expensive but so are all juice places. Olie and I both got the Quench juice (watermelon/mint/lime) and some cheesy kale chips. YUM! A great snack! Also, they had veggie sandwiches and vegan baked goods and stuff. So cool! So if you’re ever getting your hair done at the Dry Bar on W 3rd and want a snack, check out Clover Juice! It’s legit right across the street.


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