Vegan at Nobu- La Cienega, Los Angeles (CA)

Okay, so the night before we were shipped off to an institution that apparently can take you in as a child and spit you back out in 4 years as an adult (Its called college #shit #gottagrowup #butI’mAToysRUsKid #Awks #falseadvertising #gonnasue) 

So my mom decided to take me, the sis Bella, the older sis Sophie, and a few of her friends to Nobu, the best Japenese restaurant on the planet. It’s pretty pricey, so only go there if you are willing to spend a few bucks or just find a rich guy to treat you to a date and be a #golddigger. But they have locations everywhere and I’ve been to a bunch of them (London, NY, LA, Hawaii), all equally amazing. If you love Japenese food, you will love this place! 

It’s not all vegan but everytime we go, the waiters work with us to figure out what they can modify and they even have some vegan tofu dishes on the menu! The waiter was really nice (And reallllly cute) and when I asked him about one of the items on the menu he was like “Don’t worry. You know how I’ve been gone for so long? It’s because I’ve been in the back with the chef trying to figure out all the vegan options” and I was like awwwww #YESMUDDAFUDDA

So anyway, have you ever seen people eat that tuna tartar thing in that big bowl of ice and look so fancy and yummy doing it? Well, since I became vegan I was really bummed out I could never try it but LOANDBEHOLD they have a vegan version called “Avacado tartar” and it was everything I dreamed of and MORE!!!! (As you can see, my dream life is very productive) It’s bassically just avacado in a bowl of delicious wasabi sauce (Not very spicy)  or something sauce with a side of a “cleanse your palette” berry. (Lol, instead of parents saying they’ll wash their kid’s mouths out with soap, they should be like “I’m going to force feed you a cleanse-your-palette berry”) 

Next we had the New Style Tofu which is just sliced tofu with sliced tomatos in a sesame sauce. It was pretty good. Tomatoes and sauce were great, but I don’t know if I would order again. A little bland. 

And then we had a tomato soaked in this miso ponzu sauce thing and it was SO GOOD! Bella said it tasted salty and I was just like “Well, you’re just salty” and then I was like “This miso ponzu sauce is so good. Miso-happy” I don’t know. She laughed) We also got avocado rolls which were pretty mediocre and Bella got the Lychee lovely drink which she loves. 

Okay for dessert, they actually have a vegan dessert. CRAZY RIGHT? Oh wait, it gets better…they only make one vegan dessert a night and guess what bitches, we got it!!! #winning When we asked why, they said it was because they couldn’t find a better name for it because it was called “Chips and guac”. But lemme tell you a secret, it was sooooooooooooooo damn good!!! (Because there is only one, I feel like that girl in that cartoon Kids Next Door who got to try the gold ice cream. Hats off to those who get this reference. True 90’s kid) 

It is  little fried chips dusted in cinnomen sugar and you dip it in a little bowl of avocado sorbet and mango salsa. It was honestly one of the most interesting things I have ever tasted and I ate the whole thing (#thatswhathesaid) And then we got a scoop of raspberry and passion fruit sorbet which was actually also amaaazzziiinng. 

So if you are about to go to college and need to get some thoughts off your mind (Like, wow I actually have to decide what to do with my life, that’s odd) come here! Or don’t. I mean, you do you.  

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