Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles, CA

LOVVVVEEEEE Cafe Gratitude. For real though, who doesn’t? It’s one of LA’s hottest (as in coolest) cafes, and anyone who’s anyone has been there. AND it’s all vegan. Yup. Los Angeles peeps know what’s up! So today, before we officially got dropped off at college and became official freshman (or ‘adults’ as everybody has been saying…EEK) we decided to have one last breakfast at our fave place to enjoy being ‘kids’ for the last time. Although let’s face it, i stopped being a kid way back in middle school when my babysitter was like “You NEED to wear a bra” and then i ran away and cried…. buttttt sometimes i still feel like a kid. And now that I’m writing this blog post from my freshman college dorm, i am now officially an adult. Woah. How weird is that? Like is there a “How To Be An Adult for Dummies” book? Because i desperately need one. 

But anyways for breakfast, Olie and I got the Charismatic, which is like a chai tea and it came served with a little cinnamon heart on top and was super cute and i was already to instagram it ( but looks can be deceiving) and then i tasted it and wanted to VOM. Gross. Ew. It tasted like mexican soap water. Like it was super spice filled and just watery and gross. No lo quiero. Nope. So Olie and I ordered the hot chocolate instead and actually liked it! #Yus #Rebound #LetsRally For our meal, we got the “Open Hearted” which is the pancakes (to share) and it comes with delicious maple syrup and whipped cream and the pancakes were DELICIOUS. YUM. We also got the “Peacful” which is like a vegan version of a bagel with cream cheese and salmon lox. SUPER YUMMY. Highly recommend both.

There was like no staff this morning, so the service was kinda (really) slow but i was totes fine with that because i was savoring my last moments of my childhood. Ahhh remember the good times? Now i actually have responsibilities and now i actually have to try! Dammit.

Soooo go to Cafe Gratitude to checkout some delicious breakfast but STAY AWAY from the Chai. #no


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