Vegan at The Peninsula Beverly Hills- Los Angeles, CA

Something about room service always makes my heart tingle. It’s kinda how i feel when i see Aragorn in Lord of The Rings. Soooo as a vegan, it’s always super frustrating when you go to a hotel because they neverrrrr have any vegan options buttttt lo and behold (Da fu is ‘lo and behold’?) The Peninsula in Beverly Hills has a bunch of vegan options on their room service menu (they even have a vegetarian menu) and when i called and asked about their vegan options, they said “Anything can be modified to be vegan, but it may not taste the same” WAHOOOO! I love things not tasting the same. JK lol. I love when things can be modified to be vegan. (I mean, i wish i could modify people to be vegan, but one step at a time bro, one step at a time)

I ordered the tofu sweet and sour stir-fry with brown rice, and Olie ordered steamed vegetables with barbecue sauce on the side. We also ordered truffle popcorn (specified no butter or cheese just in case) and ginger tea. Everything was so delicious and fresh. The tofu stir fry didnt taste oily and fried at all and tasted fresh and super good! Olie really liked her vegetables too. Everything was delish! The truffle popcorn is uh-mazing. The ginger tea was okay (we wanted the really good one from the spa but they gave us a diff one. I put a lemon in mine so it tasted better #WhenLifeGivesYouLemon #UseItInYourGingerTea #LifeLessonsFromThatVeganLifeDoe . Also, just ignore the honey they give you on the side #IgnoreIt #PleaseDontTalkToIt #WhatAmITryingToDoHere? #MakeAJoke? #KBye)

So if you ever find yourself at The Peninsula,  checkout the room service menu #yes #yus 


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