Vegan Late Night Snacks

So our bff Taylor came over for our last night at home and her first night back from camp, so aside from watching Star Wars, we decided to have a baking/cooking extravaganza! Training for our future as perfect housewives #Never #Nope 

Anyways, we decided to make cheesy garlic bread and spaghetti with peanut sauce. It was 11:00 at night. YUP. #ThatsHowWeRoll 

We used this recipe for the peanut sauce

and this recipe for the garlic bread:

We used weird bread for the garlic bread and ended up adding garlic powder and cheese and stuff so idk if this recipe is good not or if we just screwed it up. I also don’t even know if the garlic bread we made was good or not, but i ate it anyways because it was food and it was in front of me #MyLife

Enjoy the pictures of us cooking and our sketchy photos of our food. My kitchen has terrible lighting for photos so these pics are totes not appetizing but i swear the peanut sauce pasta was. As for the garlic bread….ehhh it was fun to make and tasted better when we dipped it in marinara sauce

Also, my nonvegan friend wouldn’t eat the garlic bread and when i asked if she didnt like it, she admitted to hating Daiya cheese and never telling us and said she was tired of holding it in. I’m glad she got it off her chest, butttttt why so stressed bro? #ItsJustFakeCheese #Chilll #ShesTakingHerStressFromGoingToCollegeSoonOutOnDaiyaCheese #ThatVeganLifeDoe. 

Enjoy 🙂


Taylor repping USC!!! (lol I’m going to buy her a sweatshirt that says University of Daiya Cheese)



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