Vegan at Culina- Four Seasons, Los Angeles (CA)

We’ve already blogged about this place before, but it is really yummy! It’s in the Four Seasons hotel. 

So we hopped off the plane at LAX with our dreams and our cardigans (Jk, it’s LA….why would I be wearing a cardigan in 80 degree weather? C’mon Miley) and after we dropped our bags at the hotel, we went straight here for a delicious lunch. 

The vibez at this place are super chill and the food is really simple and yummy. Not all vegan, so a great place to bring your family. Bella had the quiona salad and I had the chopped farroh saled as well as the soup of the day, veggie lentil. We also had the smashed potatoes with ketchup on the side. LOVED the potatoes, basically just like big french fries and the salads are great, as always. Wasn’t crazy about the soup but we ended the meal with an amazing almond milk cappachino 👌👌👌

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