Vegan at Smorgasburg- Brooklyn, NY

So, if you haven’t heard of Smorgasburg, than you are so out of the trends, man (i found out about it a week ago from my trendy friend Allie). Smorgasburg is the BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT food festival you will ever go to in your entire life. 1- because it’s in Brooklyn and 2- because there are a GAZILION amazing vegan options. We went today with our friends Allie, Mimi, and Cristina and we splurged hard. Like really hard. Like it was SO amazing. This food festival happens on Saturday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and if you go, make sure to bring cash! It’s a bit expensive (if you buy like everything…um totally not us….um) but definitely worth it. I think i’ll have dreams about this food festival for the rest of my life. It was DELICIOUS.

The best times to go are from 11- 1 and 3-6, because it gets crowded, but i would go earlier rather than later because things sell out. You know that ramen burger you keep seeing on insta (no? Come on, get with the trends yo) Well, it’s at this food festival. Sadly, it’s not vegan but don’t you fear, there are a million other amazing vegan options! SO AMAZING.





You don’t understand. Dunwell Dougnuts are OUT of this world.

You know how America runs on Dunkin? Well, i run on Dunwell. You know how people breathe oxygen? Well, i breathe Dunwell Dougnuts.

This doughnut place is literally my main reason for coming to this food festival. There doughnuts are probably the best donuts you will EVER eat in your entire life. All of my vegan and non-vegan friends LOVE them. Even the vegan haters love them #DontBeAHater #IWasCalledAHaterOnce. They are delicious. We got a half a dozen to go and they didnt even melt the entire day. I’m literally going to scarf them all down tonight in one sitting. I am so excited. Also, my friend thought the guy who worked there was cute so…yum too, i guess!






So like Dunwell is good (great) enough as is, but like, imagine a Dunwell Doughnut burger. Did you!?!?! Well it exists! You heard me right. DUNWELL DOUGHNUT BURGER. Yep. because Smorgasberg has it. This cute little tent called Chickpea and Olive sold them and my friend Cristina and us HAD to get them. It was a vegan burger in between a Rosemarry glazed Dunwell Doughnut. It was fan-fricken-tastic. YUM. Salty and sweet at the same time ( Like me #hehe). DEFF a must try. YUM. Also,  Olie wouldn’t stop gushing over how cute the chickpea and olive logo was. So cute and the food is SO good. (We also got free pins, yay us!)






To cleanse our plates after the amazing doughnut burger (yes we take this food festival seriously), we decided to hit up this really cool (ha get it?) slushie tent. It was a really cool tent because you could pick a slushy base and a flavor shot. The guy there was like “no pictures” and i like kinda silently panicked and then he was like “naw i’m just kidding” and i was like YUSSSS #DoItForTheBlog . Olie and I got the arnold palmer slushy with a cherry shot and my friends got mango i think.  let me tell you, BEST slushy i’ve ever had. And i’m a big slushie fan. At first, i thought it was a little bland, but the more i drank it, i was like this is the best thing i’ve ever had. It’s refreshing and natural and tastes SO GOOD. I want it right now. Like i want it all the time. Like i wish i had a Kelvin Natural Slush Co. in my college dorm room for those hot cali days. #YUM

Also, the guy who worked there was like “Are you guys twins?” (literally hear that question everyday of my life) and we were like “no we’re cousins. Our moms are twins” and he was like “Oh my gosh! That totally makes sense. WOW, that’s awesome!”.  hahahaha he totally believed us. I felt so bad, but it was too funny. I’m gonna start saying that from now on





MOFON- GO. tent

So my Puerto Rican instinct kicked in when i saw the Mofongo tent and i had to try one and luckily, they make a vegan one! YAY! The plantain part of the dish was good but i wasn’t that big of a fan of the tomato sauce/vegetable thing they put in the middle. I am totes digging the vegan and Puerto Rican appreciation thing going on at Smorgasberg, but i think my Grandma makes better mofongo…. Just sayin #MyGrandmaIsBetterThanYours #ILoveOldPeople

Also, my grandma has an iPhone now so i can text her and stuff, and i texted her a photo of the mofongo and she was like “So good. bring me back a donut” hahaha #GottaLoveHer


THE 3 NUTS tent

So i saw this little tent with flavored peanut butters such as cookie dough and salted caramel and i was like “DAMN, i wish i could eat that” and then the girl was like “do you want to try some?” and i was like “sorry, i’m vegan” and she was like “These are vegan!” and i was like….”YESSSSSSSS” (k, i didnt say that out loud, but I totally wanted to). Also, the words “this is vegan” are probably my favorite group of words ever.  Olie and I tried the cookie dough and the salted caramel peanut butter and bought a jar of both because they were so good and have been eating them straight out of the jar since. SO YUMMY. Deff worth a try. Also, the title of this place is too funny. 3 Nuts. Ha.

unnamed-17 unnamed-18 unnamed-19


Dairy free ice cream baby. And not only ice cream, but cookies also. So… put the pieces together, ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. YUP. Olie and I got the chocolate chai ice cream and snicker-doodle cookie ice cream sandwich and it was SOOOOO YUMMMY.  I liked the cookie more than the ice cream, but together, they were SO GOOD. It was really big so i finished most of it and gave the rest to my friend. Also, i heard that the salted peanut butter ice cream sandwich was really good too. YUM!





I’ve never had a People’s Pops and i was too full to get one today, but i heard they are good and have vegan options as well! Maybe worth checking out. Also i think the guy who worked there saw me taking a picture, so i think he posed for it…#BlogFamous


Twas a very successful day and i kinda wish i could do it all over again! I’m sure there were a bunch more vegan options but we were totes too full to keep looking. If you haven’t gone yet, then DEFINITELY check it out!!!

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