Jack’s Coffee- Amagansett, New York

Okay, so when you are in East Hampton or Amangansett and looking for great coffee and vegan yums, this is it!!

This is a cute little coffee shop that apparently is super celeb filled. I hear Gwenth Paltrow goes there all the time and we walked in just as Taissa Farmiga (From American Horror Story) walked out. Her hair was perfectly blown out and I was like HOOWWWWW do you look so perfect??? I don’t even watch the show. I just was a bit obssesed with the whole Tate and Violet thing for like a good year. 

Anyway, they have a whole vegan bakery (Almost all of it is vegan), some food like quinoa salad, blue marble ice cream with a vegan flavor (This time coconut sorbet), kale chips, vegan chocolate bars, and of course coffee. Duh. 

I got a vanilla latte with almond milk and with some stevia, it is super amazing. No lie. I was jittery all afternoon because for some reason I love coffee but my body doesn’t so I am super susceptible to caffeine highs, so maybe ask for decaf? 

And we all got vegan apple cinnamon donuts (Except Cathy who opted for an chicken salad sandwich, dat loser) and they were so yummy!

-6 -7 -9 -10 -11 -5 -12 -4

Okay and before you call us lards, we came back from a soul cycle class and ate this for “energy” ’cause you know, your body “needs” sugar and fat. So we were just listening to the needs of our bodies. Okay? 

-16 -13 -15

And let me tell you the American Horror Story of Louie the dog. So the four of us are just casually sitting outside Jack’s Coffee on a bench and a man appraoches us with a dog and asks “You guys aren’t scared of dogs, right?” and we were like “No! Of course not. We love them!” and he was like, “Good” and tied his dog under the bench we were sitting on. Bella starts petting it and I go over to pet it when- the owner goes “Yeah, he doesn’t normally bite, but he has once before. It wasn’t bad but the man threatened to sue and call the police. And you know, if it happens a third time…” He smiles and went inside. Okay #1: It wasn’t bad but he threatened to call the cops? Right… and “It’s happened once before, but the third time…” So it’s happened more than once…

Anyway, the dog gave us a death stare and we ran out of there as fast as possible. We got in the car like two seconds later. AND when we pulled around, Louie was GONE. I don’t think he’ll never not haunt us.



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