Babettes- East Hampton

So, I’m going to be honest. I came all the way to East Hampton with my friends Catherine and Je’lyn just for this restuarant. Okay, maybe not JUST for this restaurant, but it’s probably 99% why. And that’s because their food is BOMB. Not even kidding, easily one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. It is not an all vegan resturant but they have many vegan options and substitues. Yes, it’s a little pricey but if you want to seriously splurge on a delicious breakfast/lunch, I totes think this is the place to go. 

Anyway, the second we arrived in the Hamptons, we went staright there for lunch and the meal was sooooo gooooood. #oooooooooooo

Anyway, Bella got the kale/tempeh salad with an iced chai with almond milk. I got the asian tofu salad with a hot chai with almond milk and the four of us split two BBQ tofus. Okay, for starters, their chai should win a Chai Award (Sponsered by ThatVeganLifeDoe of course). Bella loved her salad and I absolutely loved mine. The little tofu bites are super yummy and so is the dressing. Okay and the BBQ tofu. Like. I don’t even know where to start. Like. OMG. I’m having such a white girl moment right now. It is literally like the best thing ever. Like fried tofu nuggets covered in barbeque sauce. Literally drooling thinking about it. (This brings me back to thinking that I seriously was a dog in my past life. Like, all I do is eat and sleep and get attached to people #haha #jk  #um) 

Then guess what ladies and gents, we came back the next morning for breakfast and let me tell you a little something, we had a breakfast for fuckin champions. Honestly, I think I’m on the Michael Phelps diet. Bella and I had scrambled tofu with mushrooms, avocado, and soy cheese with a side of toast and fruit. Their scramled tofu is the best I’ve ever had!!!! So yummy, if you are vegan you must, must try. Same if you aren’t but I feel like you’ll be like “It’s good but the texture is weird…” #WhyYouSoJudgemental

So yeah, Babettes if officially the tits. And and and we got a job offer to work there next summer. Not that I want to be waiting tables all summer, but I guess if I wanna be an actress, might as well get used to it 



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