Vegan at Organic Planet- Greenwich, CT

I know the title of this place may throw you off  “Organic Planet“, making it seem like some cheap diner place with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceilings and shit, butttttt it’s actually just a classy restaurant with quality (and sometimes expensive lol) food on Greenwich ave (come on people, if it’s on greenwich ave, it’s GOTTA be classy #letsbereal). Its right next to CVS and it’s kinda hidden away so only the cool people know about it (wink wink). You have to go up a flight of stairs, down a hallway, and then you’ll find it. But the atmosphere is super chill and classy and it’s perfect for a healthy lunch/dinner (i like the lunch menu better).

There are a ton of vegan options (as well as vegan dessert options #score). They just revamped their lunch menu so it’s got a ton of new yummy foods to try. The waiters are really nice (but it takes a little long to bring the food out. Like when i order my food, I sometimes question whether they actually leave to go to a farm to pick the vegetables…hmm or they’re just chillaxing in the kitchen #IwantmyfoooddddNOW), but other than that, I would totally recommend this place, especially to bring really picky nonvegan friends or parents who disapprove of the vegan lifestyle. There is food for everyone! WAHOO #StoryOfMyLife 

So today i got the passion tea lemonade (which was bomb) and we both got the avocado, lettuce, and sun dried tomato spread sandwich on 9 grain toast. Olie got hers with real tomatoes instead of the sundried tomato spread, but i got mine with the sun dried tomato and we both really liked ours! YUM! Light and yummy. I ended up taking the lettuce out of my sandwich because i didnt like it, but the rest of the sandwich was so yummy. The waiter (the same waiter we get like every time. I think he lives there lol) even let us try the sun dried tomato spread before i ordered it. 

Also, we ran into our friend Mimi there who we hadn’t seen for the whole summer! So funny.

(we took a photo together but the lighting was so bad that i put a black and white effect on it #didnthelp #fail)


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