Vegan Whole Foods Run

So Olie and I are back for a week before we head back to the city of angels, so we decided to make a Whole Foods run to last us the week! WAHOOOO! I’ve missed Whole Foods SOOO much (there weren’t any near campus….#Struggles)

We went ham on those aisles, man. We got Tofutti, and chocolate pudding, and soy yogurt, berries, chocolate hazelnut gelato, snikerdoodle cookies, chocolate chips, kale chips, frozen meals (including a Candle 79 vegan mac n’ cheese one #yus),  sushi (vegan dragon rolls #MotherOfSushi #Khaleesi), avocados, a quinoa crunch bar (the one i wanted from Real Food Daily #AchievingGoals #DreamsDoComeTrue), and chips and salsa. 

Check out some pics of some of our goodies :))) #ImOnAWholeFoodsHigh





My freezer right now: The frozen meals we bought today, non vegan sorbet (for the nonvegans of this household) and a SHIT ton of veggie burgers that i did not buy and have no idea who did, but i am very, very happy that they did 😉



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