Vegan at Organic Pharmer (And beach picnic)- Rye Ridge, NY

Okay, so as a warm, fun welcome back home on the east coast, our awesome friend Allie invited us to spend the day at her great-aunt and uncle’s beach house in long island for some sun, delicious food, and some serious catching up on summer gossip and boy drama. (#likeIhaveboydrama #whatisboy) 

So since we are vegan and she is mostly vegetarian and lactose intolerant, she was nice enough to stop by Organic Pharmer to pick up some lunch! And of course, as always, Organic Pharmer was freakin amazing! For those who don’t know, it is this health food, all vegan (I’m pretty sure) juice/smoothie bar with salads and sushi and soups and desserts right next to the Rye Ridge Soul Cycle. Perfect to hit up both if you wanna feel better about your self-esteem and be healthy and what not. 

We all got the vanilla chia pudding for breakfast on the road which was DELICIOUS. Honestly, I’ve had some crappy chia pudding and lemme tell you something, dis Pharmer knows how to do it right. We also got the asian azuki bean salad which was also super super delicious (The dressing is like heaven). Then we got sides like the kale, white bean salad which I loved and the pesto pasta something that Allie loved.

We also (Yes there is more, don’t judge. You’re just jelous  of my stomach’s capacity to literally have no full-point #blackhole #itsjustdisspears #jk #goesstraightomythighs) got the snack box with carrots, little breads slices, and hummus. I liked it. Allie said, I quote her exactly, “Tastes like armpit”. Idk, either she was wrong or I guess I like armpit…? 

And for snacks after lounging on the beach, we had freeze dried veggie/beat chips (from Fairway supermarket) with raspberry iced tea. Perfect way to cool down! 

So please enjoy the following photos of organic pharmer, our beach snacks, and the awesomely embarrassing photos of us being total doofuses at the beach. Lol, you can def tell we have lives and in no way are losers, at all, of any kind, ever . 

-7 -5 -6 -2 -1 -8 -9 -10 -12 -13 -19



-17 -14 -15



-24 -21 -25 -22


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