Veggie Grill- Los Angeles, CA

So on Mackenna’s last night (in this summer program. Not in life….), we all went out to Archlight Hollywood to see Guardians of the Galaxy, a super fun film #WeAreGroot

And after we went to Veggie Grill to nom on some noms #nomnom Mackenna got the classic sweet potato fries and Olie got the classic Papa Portabello, which she describes to be delicious and is one of the lower calorie options on the menu. When i asked the waitress why it was called “Papa Portabello”, she was like “because a portabello is a mushroom….” and i stared at her and she was like, “i don’t know about the Papa part”. Like…i know what a portabello is… i was asking about the Papa part.

For my dinner, i got the crispy cauliflower (which is basically like a healthy version of sweet/sour chicken), the street corn (i loved the corn but the spicy chipotle sauce was a bit too much for me. Like my lips were tingling, and i by accidentally got some on my chin, and my chin felt tingly #UmWhutIsInThatSauce #Fire?) Because i’m a fat lard (….just wait for it), i also got the kale cesear salad which was good. Not the best salad i had, but pretty yummy. Although, when i got home i found out it was 750 calories! DA FU. Deff not worth more than half a days calorie intake. And yes when i found that out, i did a happy dance and laughed to hide my tears. So ehhhh idk if a 750 calorie salad is worth it. I’d rather spend 750 calories on like 10 donuts (i wish 10 donuts were only 750 calories #agirlcandream)

Anyway, check it out for some good grub and just be mindful of the calories (they have the nutrition info online) and prob don’t order any of the salads. 750 calorie salads should be illegal. I mean, salads are like supposed to be zero calories….right?



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