Vegan at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen- Melrose Place, LA (CA)

So I’m sure you’ve seen all these tumbr photos of cool, hipster, LA stylish people with coffee that have mustache cup sleeves or the vampire teeth cup sleeve or  posing in front of the “But first, coffee ” sign. Well, these photos my vegan dearies are taken at the lovely and amazing Alfred Coffee in the magical land of Melrose. 

My friend and legitamate soulmate Sol invited us to breakfast before we head back to the city that never sleeps (NYC babay #homeeee) this weekend. Anyway, so before i came, I thought this place was stupidly hyped and people just like it because it’s popular but…. lo and behold, I too fell in love with Alfred!!!

Bella and Sol got chai lattes and I got a cappuchino with almond milk. We also got some DELICIOUS and filling and healthy vegan granola with almond milk. We didn’t get it, but they also have vegan blondies, brownies, and this chocolate zuchini muffins in the shape of a heart….awwww. I guess Alfred loves us too! (Wait, I mean me. He’s mine) 

And I thought since the line was long and the place is so popular that the staff would be really mean and snooty but they were so sweet and friendly and joked around with us. Honestly, it lived up to it’s hype. 

Cool vibe, great food/coffee, nice staff, and it’s in Melrose <3333

Also, Bella saw someone who looked like a Johnny Depp lookalike. Maybe it was him! or….maybe it was Alfred DUH DUH DUH or maybe she was just hallucinating. I mean, I saw someone who looked just like Ryan Gosling the other day…maybe it was Alfred too! (#somanyalfreds) (Actually only one. He’s mine) 

So enjoy pics of Alfeds and us playing in the sparkling land of Melrose!

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For the grand finale,


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