Seed Kitchen- Venice, LA (CA)

So we’ve already posted about this place before but again I’m sure none of you read that post ( lol #laughingtohidemytears) but is was SO good, we had to visit again. 

So today, we ventured out to Venice to meet with our good friend Justine who just moved from NYC to California recently and has totally transformed into a Cali girl. I mean, next week she’s doing a week long meditation retreat. How Cali is that? 

Anyway, Seed Kitchen is an all vegan macrobiotic tiny little cafe in a really beachy hip part of Venice right by the beach and the food is amazeballlz. 

Justine got the asian kale salad which I think she liked because she got the rest to go and Bella and I both had the BBQ tempeh burger and it SO BOMB. Ugh, honestly a delicious burger. If it asked me to marry it, I would actually consider. (The only thing stopping me would be logic, of course….but I mean, and I’m just saying this hypothetically, if I married a burger, would you stop being my friend? #jk #ihavenofriends #marriedaburger #storyofmylife)

And we got iced lattes and with just the right amount of stevia (which I always carry in my purse because I’m cool like dat) was pretty good and refreshing. 

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!!!!

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