OHM Cafe- Hollywood blvd(Hollywood & Highland Center), LA (CA)

So today, Mackeeeeenah and Bella and I decided to be active and fit and healthy and all that good stuff and go for a good old Cali hike! We went to Runyon Canyon (Just under a thirty min drive from campus) and hiked (Duh, I know)! It was super fun and there were many photo oops! Including the one in which I am sticking my middle fingers at the camera because I am totally not a wannabe and definitely have an insane amount of swag. (Vegan swag, duh)

Anyway, after our hike, my brain was like DUDE YOU NEED SOME FOOD and of course I had to answer to it. I mean, it’s my brain. Do I have a choice?

So we went to this popular, super touristy place on Hollywood blvd with this outdoor mall thing. Idk what it’s called. I’ve been before but I dont know the name. They have a bunch of shops and stuff as well as restaurants including CPK and Starbucks. However, still in the hiking mood we trekked all the way to the third floor and found the beachiest and cutest and hippest cafe called OHM Nightclub and cafe.

I literally felt like I was at a beach club in florida. The staff are super friendly and accommodating, especially to vegans. We both got cherry lemonades which were only $2 each and we literally got like ten free refills (to the point where the table next to us couldn’t get any lemonade ’cause they ran out. Like I literally think we drank their entire storage of lemonade #thatveganlifedoe #thatlardlifedoe).

For meals, Bella got the Portobello and quinoa (with a free side of fruit) and I got the farmers salad (no cheese or pumpernickel bread) and also a side of fruit. Since there was dairy in the Portobello sauce, they made sure to prepare our meals so that they would be vegan, so make sure to ask. 

Bella loved her quinoa/Portobello dish and my salad was legit HEAVEN. It had beets and cucumbers and roasted potatoes and carrots and was sooo yummmy. You must def check it out!!

Please enjoy the following photos of food, us looking awkward while eating the food, and pictures of us a hike, gross and sweaty….Bon a petit!

-9 -8 -12 -4 -13 -10 -14 -16 -7 -6 -21 -20 -1 -23 -2


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