Vegan at Urth Caffe- Los Angeles, CA

So this was my first time going to the famous one and only (actually there’s more than one in LA) Urth Caffe. It’s a super hip place and super busy too because everybody loves it!

Olie and I met up with our older brother’s friend, who is also a Trojan, for lunch and we ordered the nori plum rice wraps, a juice (apple, orange, carrot), and the vegan chocolate cake. And because my brother’s friend was such a gentlemen, he not only paid for our lunch, but gave us a ride back to campus. Thanks dude!

The plum rolls were really good, fresh, and filling, the juice was perfection (a lot of people screw up the combo but they did it to a T), and i LOVED the vegan chocolate cake. So yummy. 

They also have a vegan chili there, a vegan panini, and a sprout sandwich (without the cheese) so there aren’t many vegan options but the ones they have are probably really good.

Def a great place for some casual grub (ew i hate the word grub) and a great place to meet with friends (or in our case, your brother’s friend).




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