Vegan at California Pizza Kitchen- Tarzana, CA

So today we had the best time and got to go out to lunch with our Aunt Stacy and her kids aka our cousins. Duh. Anyway, all of them are adorable and super cute. The youngest one Sosi is so cute, she started crying when we were leaving and said she wanted Bella and I to “stay with her forever”. Literally my heart melted. If yours didn’t, go see a doctor you cold-hearted slytherin.

Anyway, I checked the nutrition facts online to check the calories ’cause us whales gotta watch our weight, yanno? Anyway, turns out almost every single item on the menu is 1000 calories. Like, I’m not even exaggerating. Even the salads with lettuce and vegetables still turned out to be like 1000. Like somehow the salad with lettuce and roasted veggies was the same amount as a cheese pizza with toppings? Something is a little off here. Either their math or what the fuck are those vegetables made out of? Lard? 

Anyway, I usually just get the california veggie pizza with no cheese but for some reason, I didn’t really feel like downing 1000 calories in a matter of 30 mins, so I opted for the roasted veggie salad (Lettuce, tomatoes, corn, artichoke, and peppers). To minimize calories, I halved it (You can ask for half. The half was perfect size. Trust me. You dont need the whole thing. Unless you like consuming calories for fun. In that case I envy you) and instead of the  dressing it comes with (Which isnt vegan) I asked for oil/balsamic vinegar. 

And for the drink I got a raspberry flavored iced tea! ‘Cause I’m a classy muddafudda.

Super yummy, filling, and I actually didn’t leave with my self esteem down the toilet. Points for me! #YouGoGlenCoco #YouGo

Also, this is the first California Pizza kitchen I’ve been to actually IN California and it felt so right. Like it felt so beachy and sunny and in its right place. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but you’ll know when you go. #deep

-6 -7


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