Brian’s Shave Ice- Tarzana, CA

Okay, so in the valley the weather for some reason is always like 100+ degrees and I decided to wear leggings, boots, and a quarter sleeve top like the New Yorker (idiot) I am. So to cool down and justify my terrible fashion choice, Bellisa and I stopped to get some shaved ice. 

They have a bunch of different flavors (You can pick up to three) and the ice has a really nice texture. Like I don’t even know what that means, but it does. Bella got pineapple, something, and tiger’s blood (No, not the one Charlie Sheen one. This one’s just strawberry and coconut. I know, boring in comparison) and I got cherry, passion fruit, and macha green tea. (Looks brown but that’s only because it mixed with the cherry.) 

Super yummy and refreshing. I got the kiddie size and I think it was like a little less than $3. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Which you didn’t. I’m just telling you because I want to and it’s my blog and I  do what I want. #ThingsITellMyselfBeforeIGoToSleep #TigersBlood

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