Fresh Healthy Cafe (In food court)- 3rd Street Promanade, Santa Monica (CA)

So today we decided to adventure out of our dorms and hit up 3rd street and the pier for some shopping, food, rides, beach, food, and sun. Oh yeah and food. Did I mention that already? #onlyfood #lezbehonest

Anyway, idk if it’s a mall or what not, but on the third floor of the “mall” there is a food court and in the food court is this cute little stand called the Fresh Healthy Cafe. (There was also a Johnny Rockets, but remember, we were trying to be healthy ’cause being vegan means being “healthy”, right? #maybenot #ooops) 

Anyway, this place has juices, smoothies, and power bowls. Bia got a cucumber/apple/something juice which she liked and Bella got a passion-orange-guava juice which she said was really good. Bella and I also  got protein bowls. Mine had quinoa, kale, broccoli, un-chicken, chickpeas, avocado, humus, and sesame vinaigrette dressing. It was really, really good, filling, and healthy! I also got a vegan terryaki “beef jerky” which was really yummy! 

Great options for vegans and health freaks! Or just freaks in general. #Let’sGetFreaky.  

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