Vegan at LA Cafe- Downtown Los Angeles, CA

So when you’re college-livin, for some reason, all you ever wanna do is eat #TrueStory. So i am here to verify to you all that THE FRESHMAN 15 lives !!! (And I’m not even a freshman till the fall….#awk #JumpStart) So last night, my friend Bia was talking about her friend randomly saying, “yeah she got food delivered from this place called LA Cafe but anyways-” And that’s when i cut her off with a “Wait WHUTTTT???” You know that sound in the game Operation when you touch the metal walls? Well when she said that her friend got “food” “delivered” to “USC” i metaphorically heard that sound go off. I instantly turned to my other friend Mackenna (with one of those cartoon lightbulbs over my head obviously) and said in a mischievous voice, “If i order food, will you?” She turned to me with a mischievous smile, “DUH”. So that’s how this all started.

So Olie and my friends Bia, Mackenna, Nic, and Ali all sat around gazing at the endless options on the LA Cafe menu online. It delivers 24 hours. I KNOW. How did i not know about this!? As for the vegan folk out there, i got the vegan panini (Without eggplant because dat shit nasty) and Olie got the everything bagel with hummus (I need to go to hummus rehab…seriously)  and we split both (SO good). It also came with chips which we dipped in ketchup (that way their kinda like fries and I’m just kinda like a fat lard). For drinks, i got the vanilla chai with soy milk  and Olie got the vanilla iced coffee with soy milk #WhiteGirlDrinks. Delish. And i forgot to mention we ordered all this at 11:00 pm… i know, we’re such rebels.

So, figuring out out how to split the bill was super confusing because there was six of us and we all had to break bills and figure out tip and whatever but we finally prevailed and got it all figured out (with our friend Siddharth chipping in quarters even though he didn’t order anything. aww thanks buddy). BUT THEN, the online website wouldn’t work, so super-in-control Bia whipped out her phone (my phone actually) and called them and figured it all out on the phone. So ordering was a little confusing, but we finally did it. Also, Olie replacing every word in a random song with the word “tacos” in a weird accent made everything just a little bit more confusing (Although now Olie’s “tacos” song is Bia’s ringtone #Whut #EverythingHappensForAReason? )

Our food came like an hour/45 mins later (Olie and Bia posed inappropriately on the LA Cafe delivery car while the delivery man gave us the most awkward glances… or maybe he liked it…)  and we feasted on midnight munchies while telling our most embarrassing moments and talking about what we would name our yacht if we ever had one and laughing for no reason and taking selfies with Bia as she slept. And then like 10 minutes after, Bia fell off the couch and screamed, saying, “I literally had a dream that I was skydiving”.

So there you have it. Our night with LA Cafe. #TwasAFunNight






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