Vegan snacks at Sol’s house

So last night Olie and I went to our awesome friend Sol’s performance at AMPLYFi, which is a little hole in the wall place (or in Sol’s words: “A hidden treasure”) with a stage and cool posters and stickers all around the walls of bands and musicians. It reminded me a lot of New York…ahh home sweet home. So anyways, Sol preformed and was AMAZING. You have to check out this girl. She’s gonna be the next big thing. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. Her new song “Runaway Love” is actually incredible. Check out a photo of her preforming under


So anyways, of course, after the performance we slept over at her house and right when we got home, we went straight to the kitchen to get snacks (You know the quote “home is where the heart is” well for me “home is where the food is” so basically I’m a fat lard). We ate pretzels and chips (made with beans…no not red beans #NeverGoinBackThereAgain) with little packs of hummus, Puffins cereal with almond milk (Which i kinda love), and Sol made us peanut butter, chocolate milk shakes which she  improvised (because the best things in life are improvised and spontaneous duhhh) but actually turned out to taste quite tasty and refreshing #GoSol #NumberOneFanz.  

So usually i end posts saying “so check out this place for vegan food” but I’m not going to because if you did, you would be a total stalker. Unless you know Sol, in that case, go for it.



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