Shampoo, conditioner, and soap

Believe it or not fellas, but not all soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are vegan. As i was searching for a good smelling soap and conditioner today (not like the one i have now that makes my hair smell the same as it did before i washed it….i know, not cool), i decided to read the ingredients list and some of the soaps and shampoos have MILK and EGGS! I KNOW. WHAT?! A lot of the Dove soaps have milk in them. #No #whyyyy But i do love Dove liquid soap , so i bought the flavor without milk which was the cucumber fresh or something. As for eggs, Organix uses egg whites in some of their shampoos and even brags about it on the label!! SO make sure to check the ingredients list! 

Milk and eggs in our shampoos and conditioners?! What has this world come to?? #no #GoVegan



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