Vegan at Cherry On Top- (Little Tokyo) Los Angeles, CA

So the sis and my roomie/homie Mackenna (otherwise known as “Mickey Dick”) ventured out to Little Tokyo today. It was a cute little shopping area with cute little Tokyo-an (that’s definitely not a word) things. Other than my weird stop at a shaved ice store, it was a fun visit to Little Tokyo.

Now i bet you’re wondering what happened at that shaved iced store, right? Well, i’m gonna tell ya because it’s a super interesting story and I’m a super interesting person and you’re super interested in my life right? #Jk #Jokes #NobodyReadsThisBlog #super.  So anyways, i asked for a Red Bean flavored shaved ice and they literally just gave me red beans on stop of plain shaved ice. UM WHUT. I thought it was red bean syrup? DA FU? Why would i ever just eat beans on top of ice for fun?! I paid 6 dollars for dis shit!? #FirstWorldProblems

But other than that, it was fun! So anyways we walked to Shojin  for dinner and after dinner we stopped by Cherry On Top (in the same mall, just on a diff floor) for some froyo and, not even kidding, I seriously went ham. I got every topping known to man (and woman…lets not be sexist). The only non-dairy flavor was Hawaiin Delight which actually was a delight to me because i love Hawaii and anything and everything tropical #yus . This place also has shaved ice i think and it’s probably better than the rip off i had earlier that day 


They’re really selling this flavor in the photo. Not only are the words “Hawaii” and “Delight” in the title, but it also says “no fat” in the description and even describes it to be tropical euphoria. The tag line for the flavor is “Hawaii at your fingertips”. I mean, come on, who doesn’t fricken want that?! and by the way, it actually tasted great too. This wasn’t false advertising.

No. This was Hawaiian Delight. #DeliveredWithoutJetlag

So anyways, on top i got walnuts, almonds, lychee, cherries, apple jacks, fruity pebbles, cocoa puffs, cocoa pebbles, skittles, sour patch, sour patch watermelon, etc. Too many things to even think about. I literally think my  cup was half froyo, half toppings. Little fun fact about me: Im kinda obsessed with toppings. Im going to create a restaurant in the future that’s only going to serve toppings. Salad toppings, froyo toppings, pizza toppings, you name it. It’ll be called Toppings. #Jk #Jokes #ButSeriously #ItsKindaAGoodIdea #ButIsIt?

Anyways, check out this frozen shit. It’s mad delicious.

(i can’t tell if it was actually good, or just an incredible rebound from that Red Bean shaved ice….i think it was both)



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