Vegan at The Lab Gastropub- (USC) Downtown Los Angeles, CA

So there is this super chill/hip restaurant called The Lab right across from the USC campus. The vibe is super chill, modern, and beachy. Even the food is presented in a beachy/hip kind of way. When you eat there, you feel like you’re eating at a hip restaurant on the beach. It’s cool. The actual restaurant looks really cool and is half indoor, half outdoors, with nothing separating the two sides so it’s really open and just very beachy….If you can tell, im kinda obsessed with anything remotely beachy.

1. Because who doesn’t love the beach?


2. Because i had a minor (MAJOR) obsession with the tv show LOST when i was in 8th grade and so i think i subconsciously just like anything that reminds me of the beach because it reminds me of Lost…. #hmm #ImSigmundFreudNow #JK #ImPavlovsDog #ISalivateWhenISmellFood 

So anyways today, Olie and I went to dinner with our screenwriting class and ordered the Portabello “not” steak and it comes with hummus and roasted chickpeas and i really liked it! It was delicious. Olie said her’s was a little too oily (they put too much herb oil on hers so make sure to ask for not too much) but i really liked mine.

Besides the food and the atmosphere though, the staff was really slow and just like not available and apparently no matter how big your group is, they only allow you to split the check between four credit cards, no exceptions. Like they wouldn’t even let us split it into two different checks and we were a group of like 8 people.

So if you do find yourself at this restaurant, just try to ignore the staff (they’re actually not that hard to ignore because apparently they’re hiding in the back all day like little elves), try the Portabello steak, and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the chill vibeszzz.




YAY: My portabello 



NAY: Olie’s portabello  (too much herb oil). #ImTooComfortableWithTheWordsHerbOil 




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