Nékter- USC Campus (Architecture school) Los Angeles, CA

Okay, so my friend Jacqueline told me about this amazing juice/smoothie place on the usc campus in the architecture school that serves great acai bowls. Now, for those of you who read that in your head (or outside for that matter) as  A-KY,  YOU WRONG MUDDAFUDDA. So I am going to save you embarrassment in your acai filled future and unveil the mystery of the word acai. Ladies and gentlemen, it is pronounced “A-SA-EE”. #praisetheLord

So today, my friend Bia, sis Bellisaba, and friend Jacob ventured out there in search for a breakfast of champions!

Okay, so this place is a little bit out of the way. If you keep walking past the usc pharmacy near Tommy Trojan (Who was looking mighty fine today. Not gonna lie, that statue turns me on #ThisIsWhyImSingle) and keep walking down until you reach the sketchy usc train station area, make a left and keep walking until you see the the architecture school on the left. Walk in and you will see it. It is kind of confusing to get there. Even the store keepers were telling us that they were trying to advertise the store because no one could find it so go there! And support vegan business yo!

Anyway, Bella and I got the Trojan acai bowl which is basically acai blended with fruits and some nut mylk (It tasted like a mixture of berry smoothie/ice cream) topped with hemp granola, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and drizzled with sweet yummy agave. It was delicious! Basically just a frozen yogurt with toppings but more healthy and filled with antioxidants!  And we ate it before we worked out because my friend Bia said it is  the best to eat then because it gives you energy (After her work out, Bella agreed that it did #placeboaffect?) and you can burn off the most calories (Cause the whole thing is pretty big and 500 calories, but from what I could eat, I probably barely finished 200 cals so maybe I would buy one to share) She would know ’cause she’s Brazilian and acai is a Brazilian nut #brazlieannuts #myfavorite #winkwink

Bia got a juice which was expired by two days (!!) so she returned it and got credit. Thank the heavily lord. What would Bia do without Nékter credit? Probably die. And Jacob, who got a berry smoothie that “tickled his taste buds”, asked to have a photo on the blog so, please enjoy the photo of him and his berry smoothie. 


And here is a pick after we worked out for an hour! See, we aren’t just fat lard walruses who eat all the time. 

We’re fat lard walruses who eat all the time AND work out. I figure it balences out somehow, right? 




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