Veggie Grill- (West sunset) Hollywood, LA (CA)

So right next to the Arclight in Hollywood is an all vegan restaurant. Literally right next door. Like, the store next to it. #rightnextdoor

It is really popular and has a pretty good menu. And it is a great place for you and your film snob friends (Kidding! Maybe…) to sit and discuss the movie like we did after we saw Boyhood which was amazing! Go see. (And no we are not film snobs, more like cinephiles. Fun fact: Michael Bolton is a major cinephile too) 

Anyway, I got the Papa Portabello (Which is extremely awkward to order. Like, anything starting with “Can I have the papa?” gets a little weird) but is was SO AMAZING!!! Also, it was literally like the lowest calories item on the menu and probably the best. And I’m not biased I swear. Okay, maybe a little. 

Bia got a quinoa salad which she said she liked (But didn’t completely finish…so idk if she was just saying that) and the crispy cauliflower which is basically just fried cauliflower covered in sweet&sour sauce and it is SO amazing! Bella got the BTLA which she said “yeah it was good, it just tasted like a sandwich” so it sounds pretty mediocre and Mackenah got the mac & cheese (Which is literally the size of a quarter #exaggerating #butseriously) so she had to order extra sweet potato fries on the side which were yummy. 

Seeing a movie and need some good vegan grub? Hit dis place up!

-8 -9 -5 -4 -3 -1 -6






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