Vegan at The Roof Garden- Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (CA)

So we already posted about this place like yesterday  but we’re posting about it again today because we tried another vegan option. So let’s not be little bitches about it, alright? (Whoa that was really harsh. I was totally kidding)

So anyways, they serve a vegetable burger that is totally vegan, except for the bun (they said all of their breads have traces of butter…Boo you whore). The veggie burger was good! The texture was a little too thick for me, but Olie really liked it #ImmaVeggieBurgerDiva. Also, it comes with fries but they were kinda mediocre (like…how does someone make mediocre fries?! Anything fried usually tastes good!! Da fu? #ImmaFrenchFriesDiva) We took those fries to-go for our friends back at college and the restaurant gave us the cutest to-go bag.

We also ordered watermelon juice which Olie also really liked. I thought it was yummy and refreshing but i just wished it was a little fruiter/sweeter #ImmaJuiceDiva

#MaybeImJustADiva #ForRealz.

So anyways, if you’re ever by the pool at the Roof Garden at the Peninsula Hotel, then deff explore these vegan options. Not to mention, there are always really attractive young guys chillin by the pool with their shirts off.  Aka- the guy in the right top corner of the picture below 




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