Vegan at The Roof Garden- Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (CA)

So who doesn’t love to chill by the pool on the rooftop of the Peninsula hotel? I know, they have a fricken pool on the roof! How cool is that!? And they have a jacuzzi which is even cooler, even though it way too hot for that shit. Anyways, i love to chill poolside at the Peninsula because it such a good place to people-watch (also the cabanas are super nice and even shoot out cool mist to combat the Los Angeles summer heat). I usually put my sunglasses on and just watch people (because i’m a total creeper obviously). Oh my gosh, today i saw this couple by the pool that were wayyyyy too touchy feely. Like they totally needed to get a room.

Anyways, because we were just ordering a small snack before dinner, I got a grapefruit juice and we ordered some hummus with vegetables and pita. It wasn’t on the menu but we just asked for some and they brought it out #yes.  Th pita chips weren’t very healthy because they were deep fried or something, but they were delicious. So yummy. And the vegetables and hummus were yummy too.

So, if you’re ever poolside ordering from the Roof Garden, there aren’t many vegan options, but the chips/vegetables and hummus is a great snack to order!




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