Vegan at Culina- Beverly Hills Los Angeles, CA

So the madre and family friends came to visit us today and took us out to lunch to a super great restaurant in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons hotel called Culina. The outside seating area was super cool and trendy, the staff is super  friendly and helpful with the vegan options, and there are SO many delicious options for vegans. Also, just a side note, in the restaurant we saw cutie Australian teen actor, Callan Mcauliffe (I am Number Four, Great Gatsby, Flipped). I’m not into the whole celebrity spotting thing, after all, they are just people, but… he sure is cute in person 😉

Anyways, we met up with our super cool family friend, Rita, who not only is an awesome person and a Queen in the fashion world, but she’s also a vegan! WAHOO! I love vegan friends. There’s nothing like it. At lunch, not only did we get to decide what we wanted to order together, but we also got to gossip about all the latest vegan news (like the newest PETA videos or the controversies of honey) while my mom and friends just stared at us like we’re nuts.

So anyways, if you ask the waitress what the vegan options are, she will gladly let you know what is vegan and what can be modified. Rita and Olie got the chopped salad which they really liked (its more like a barley type thing, and not like a lettuce thing… you’ll see what i mean in the picture). I got the quinoa, which i really liked a lot (i had a fallout with quinoa recently and i don’t know why but recently i got back into it and i kinda crave it all the time now #thatveganlifedoe).

We also ordered two sides: the spinach with pine nuts, which was good but i wouldn’t necessarily order it again (it’s like those movies that are good but you only watch once). We also ordered the side of the smashed potatoes with the garlic aioli and it was SO good. Probably our favorite on the menu.  SO SO yummy. The potatoes were perfection and the sauce was really good too.

And guess what!? For dessert, they have vegan ice cream! in the coolest flavors! For dessert, we each got almond milk cappuccinos and 3 scoops of vegan ice cream: salted caramel, chocolate brownie, and oatmeal raisin (this oatmeal raisin ice cream flavor is all over Los Angeles #NewDessertTrend #Cronut).  The ice cream was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. Amazing. And it was so funny when Rita ordered the ice cream because she asked if we could all have the three different types of flavors, and then the waitress goes, “Okay, so two orders for the three of you?”And then there was a tiny pause and Rita says obviously, “No. Three orders for the three of us”. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we love Rita. 

So anyways, if you’re looking for a place with great vegan options (especially a place to bring non-vegan family/friends) with a super Los Angeles vibe (not in a superficial way, but in a hip California kind of way), then definitely check out this restaurant. SO yummy.

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