(Vegan) Shopping on Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles

Okay, so if you are a schopoholic like myself and you live in LA, you will no doubt find yourself skimming the blocks of Robertson Boulevard and if you are vegan (Which I presume you are based on the fact that you are reading our blog #jokes, no one reads our blog) you can find many trendy “fur” and “leather” options for your fabu wardrobe. 

So the first store we went to is called Paul & Joe. The staff is incredibly friendly and is happy to help you with whatever you need and allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted for our blog. The place has cute trendy things (I mean, Bella got a skirt covered in cats. How quirky/ Zooey Dechanel is that?!) and I got a FAUX fur vest. 

Check it out my fellow shopaholics and support cruelty-free “fur”!

-8 -9


The next awesome place we went is this new Japanese store IIJin that just opened in January and it is super cool and trendy with cool sweaters/jackets/sweaters with pop art design and comic book patterns and weird, but awesome stuff like that. 

Here I got a cute (In my opinion lol) jacket with fake leather sleeves and an awesome pair of plastic (leather free of course) see-through pair of wedge sneakers. It is a very trendy store, y’all should def check it out (And enjoy the photo of me in the jacket looking somberly into the distance ) 

-4 -3 -5 -6

And although we didn’t buy the bags here, we each carried around two vegan purses. One Stella Mccartney and the other is idk. Bella just searched her bag frantically for a lable and replied “ming?”. Whether that’s the brand or a random word that popped up in her head or the key to the cure for cancer, we will never know….





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