Sage Vegan Bistro- ( W Sunset blvd.) Los Angeles, CA

So today Olie and I ventured to West Sunset blvd to meet up for lunch with our awesome friend Sol and our other awesome friend Madeline (who’s an amazing singer and y’all should check out her music at . She works really hard and her music is so catchy. Her advice for success: “Work hard and follow your gut”. TRUE DAT)

So anyways, W. Sunset Blvd. is super sketchy so i wouldn’t necessarily recommend this place in this location. A group of sketchy guys tried to hit on my friends and me and almost followed us #no #gross . And a really old man complimented my eye color and then proceeded to ask me if i was wearing colored contacts. That’s not even the weird part. He then tried to touch my face to see if they were real. Like really? I was like GET AWAY FROM ME. So yes, this area is VERY sketchy. #OnlyCreepyGuysHitOnMe #TrueStory

The service was really awful too (the waiters were really sassy and pushy. They also kept getting our order wrong.  They even took our menus before we were even done ordering. Super confusing.  Also, one spilled our water on our table. )

But the food was really good! The mozzarella “artichoke” sticks were really good and so was the fried mac’n cheese balls. The main courses were okay. We got the jackfruit nachos which were good, not great, and the mole bowl (the waiter forgot to mention that it was super super spicy after we asked how spicy everything was, but the plantains were good #ImPuertoRican #CanYouTell). We also got the mac’n cheese which was yummy.

The shining star of the bistro was the ice cream though. (They didnt have waffles that day to make the ice-cream-waffle-sandwiches, which made me wanna cry because i was super cravin waffles, like the donkey from Shrek #FirstWorldProblems). We got the chocolate pomegranate and the coffee nib ice cream with salted caramel sauce and coco nibs on top. SUPER yummy.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this place, but if you’re in another location and are in the mood for some fried mac n’ cheese balls and ice cream, then deff check it out! 

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of my camera #MyCameraSucksBalls #FriedMacNCheeseBalls




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