Fresh and Easy- Los Angeles, CA

Not that I’m on my own in the college world, i have to do adult things.

I can’t be an adult yet! I’m not cool enough!  (<—- Modified Spy Kids quote #YaFeel? #Fail)

Adult things include (for me at least) learning how to get places by myself, doing laundry (which isn’t so bad when you do it with friends and sing High School Musical songs) and going grocery shopping (which again isn’t so bad if you just buy things you’re gonna eat right after you buy them….um).

So anyways, my friends and I (yes i have friends. Friend.) went to Fresh and Easy (really close to USC)  which is a super market (online it’s described as a “friendly neighborhood market”…which makes it seem like a bodega in Washington Heights, which it’s not. It’s just a supermarket…#awkward) Here are some of the things that i bought! This market is like a mix between Whole Foods and Stop and Shop.

P.S. You have to pay 10 cents for each paper bag you use so bring reusable bags #LoveTheEnviroment #ItLovesYou



Yes i bought a bag of clementines. Don’t judge me.




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