Vegan Fudgsicle (Sol’s recipe)

Okay, so our vegan friend Sol (Who I call my Solmate) invited us to stay at her house for the fourth of July and the second best thing about hanging out with her (First being that’s she’s awesome) is that most of her family is vegan so she pretty much only has vegan stuff in her kitchen! A vegan’s dream and a vegan on a diet’s nightmare!
(Lol, what is diet?)

Anyway, so she made delicious vegan chocolate popsicles with chocolate chunks to eat by the pool, because that’s what cali girl’s do. DUH

Anyway, they were made of: cocoa powder, bananas, avocado and agave. And before all you people are like ewwww, avocado?? Shut up. No one cares what you have to say anyway. And the people who act like they do? They’re just pretending. Trust me. (#tooharsh? #sorrynotsorry?)

So try making them! Healthy and delicious

-32 -33

-30 -26 -27

And her whole house is vegan, even her dog is vegan! (Cutie pie pictured below eating a little bowl of tomatoes #onlyinLA #thatveganlifedoe)



And she also made vegan chocolate bonbons made of nuts, dates, pretzels, peanut butter, and dark chocolate. Sooooo yummy!!! Go Sol!



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