Seeds Cafe- USC, Los Angeles CA

So i’ve already posted about this place, but i forgot to mention that you can get avocado and cucumber rolls here among the many other vegan options. Today, Olie, Bia (the birthday queen), and I came for Bia’s birthday lunch We all got sushi, fruit, and Honest Tea. So healthy and delicious. 

I totally instagrammed the photo of our lunch but then deleted it before i blogged it (because i’m super smart obviously), so here is a picture of the Instagram instead of the actual picture of the lunch….. (i feel so cheap doing this) 



Us wit the birthday Queen at lunch in Bia’s cool Polaroid camera photo (yes we did set this photo up so that the Polaroid would be directly in front of the raspberries. Yes, we are try-hards)



My tea came with a cool quote that i thought i should share with you guys because you guys are my friends and thats what friends do #SharingIsCaring



Our hilarious friend Julian came too . Yes that’s a raspberry. Yes this is literally the best photo ever.unnamed


After lunch, he also tried to teach us how to skateboard, but we were epic ( can we just end the sentence here?) fails. Our attempts at skateboarding were embarrassing but still fun! Thanks Julian!  We tried for like 10 minutes and then gave up. Yes that was my excersise for the day. Am i ashamed? Nope. Also can we talk about how amazing his elephant pants are?!  

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 9.13.10 PM


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