Lyfe Kitchen- Culver City, Los Angeles (CA)

So Sol took us to this amazing restaurant I had never heard of called Lyfe Kitchen in Culver City. It has vegan and non vegan options and it has an entire vegan menu, just so you don’t have to waste your time looking at all the delicious options you can’t eat. How considerate! (Not that the options you eat aren’t delicious, of course)

So Sol got the crunchy quinoa wrap, Bella got the veggie burger, and I got the kid’s menu chicken tenders!!! The chicken strips were so tiny and cute too! Made me feel like a child again! Oh, the good old dayz.. we also got a side of garlic sweet potatoe fries which are amazing! You must try them with garlic, just make sure to specify vegan because then they’ll put cheese on it (And don’t try if you are secretly a vampire. I don’t want you to come crying here in the comment’s section. I warned you Cullen) 

Anyway, we all loved the food.The atmosphere was so chique and Cali, you should def check it out. The tap water too was delicious. Bella for some reason was obsessed with it. IDK why. She’s an odd one, that girl.

And while you’re checking out Lyfe, check out (And download and support another vegan!) my friend Sol’s new single. It’s amazing!!!


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