Vegan at Yogurtland- Los Angeles, CA

So for all my fellow USC students who are cravin froyo, check out Yogurtland which is super close to the Subway and really close to USC. Legit like one minute away. (Just don’t go alone because outside the USC area can be kinda sketch). Anyways, for all my fellow vegan trojans, they have a flavor “Guava Sorbet” that is vegan that is super tasty and they have carob chips (yes!), all different types of fruit like mango and melon, and they have lychee (I KNOW! I FREAKED OUT TOO. I LOVE LYCHEE). SO DELISH. Also, i love how the slogan is “Yogurtland. Get real.” Like sorry, I’m not real enough for you Yogurtland. I bet Iggy gets free froyo all the time, because first things first, she’s the realest. 

Anyways, check it out

(P.S. I do have to mention that, that night, me and my friends were all feeling a tad sick. We attributed it to working out before we ate but like, in all honesty, it could have been the froyo. Just putting that out there. But the froyo tasted really good so i doubt it…..right?)



I also love the door handles #cuteee





  1. That’s good news because I received some Yogurtland giftcards in a prize pack and have since seen two Yogurtlands, but wasn’t ready to go in until I could confirm vegan options. (Often times restaurant employees are not knowledgable enough to answer food-related questions.) Wow, their online menu lists lots of sorbet options!

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