Subway- Los Angeles, CA

Yes i know we’re all aware that there are probably multiple Subways in Los Angeles, but this one is for all the USC students. There is a Subway a little ways away from the USC campus and is a great option for a relatively healthy and low calorie dinner. After a really good workout with my bestie Bia (it’s her birthday tomorrow!), we felt guilty going back to Pizza Studio for dinner, so we opted for a healthier alternative.

What i love about this Subway, compared to the ones back on the east coast, is that they actually have whole avocados! Not like the avocado back home that is a sketchy green paste in that sketchy plastic frosting bag that actually, surprisingly tastes good but is still REALLY REALLY sketchy looking. It’s like bootleg avocado. Anyways, i usually do a 6 inch (that’s what she said)  italian with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, avocado, and sweet onion sauce toasted. Simple, but delicious and filling. YUM. 

Enjoy my sketchy photo #sketchy



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