Vegan Terminal 8 JFK- New York City, NY

Hey guys, so the sis and I are gonna be California girlz for the next 6 weeks! (No i will not shoot whip cream out of my bra or sing naked on a cloud like Katy Perry, sorry if that disappoints you. Also sorry if that gave you visuals.) But, get excited for good vegan food!! Los Angeles is all about that vegan life doe.  So first stop: JFK –> LAX . At Terminal 8 at JFK, they have a Cibo which has a bunch of healthy snacks and food (usually they have more vegan options but for some reason, this Cibo just totally sucked balls). I just got a grapefruit juice, apple cinnamon chips, and skinny pop popcorn. (My family friend wanted to be blog famous so that’s him under the Cibo sign. Say hi to Brian, everyone.)


So, usually Cibo has like vegan noodles and shit, but they totally didn’t have anything this time. But….. just my luck, this place called Europan or Europin  cafe (I can’t tell if that pointy thing in the logo is supposed to be an A or an I….?)  had vegan pad thai and Nature Valley bars. YUM! Both were delicious. 



So if you ever find yourself being a cool kid (like us obviously) takin the JFK to LAX flight (pretty damn cool flight.  I mean LA and NYC are my fave places eva), then check out these places for some yummy vegan treats for the plane.


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