Vegan Terminal 4 LAX- Los Angeles, CA

The Cali girls have arrived. 

What’s the first thing we do. Get our luggage? Nope. Try to find food. Yep.

And want to know something amazing, Terminal 4 at LAX has a Real Food Daily. YEP I KNOW. For those of you who aren’t in on the cool LA vegan places, Real Food Daily is an awesome vegan restaurant and i can’t believe they have a mini one at the airport. Only in LA. #yes

So, it’s kinda hidden behind another cafe but it’s back there and it’s awesome. They have muffins, desserts, sandwiches, burgers, bowls, salads, snacks, etc. And it’s all vegan.

It was SO cool. My sister got the breakfast sandwich and i got the bean burger and it was so good! Also, there wasn’t that much seating so we kinda had to wait for someone to leave but the food came out really quickly and they were playing the Fifa Greece vs. Costa Rica game. Can we just talk about how hot Orestis Karnezis is!? 

P.S. The photos look bad because the lighting was kinda off



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