Vegan Cake in a Jar

Hey guys, i follow this cool food instagram called NewForkCity (it’s not vegan, i know I’m such a traitor, but the food they post looks so good). They posted a photo of cake in a jar, so i decided to invite my friends Allie and Cristina over (they’re both vegetarians woo!) and we decided to make homemade vegan cake in a jar and watch Frozen! (It was my first time watching Frozen and making cake in a jar! YAY! Also, I kinda love Olaf the snowman )

Anyways, we just looked up a recipe for vegan chocolate cake and frosting and put it in a jar with frosting. My friend put sprinkles on hers (idk if they’re vegan so i would double check). Also, i put too much frosting in my jar so my cake kinda got soggy so make sure you ration out the cake and the frosting well, alright my-future-cake-in-a-jar masters?!

My friends LOVED their cake in a jars. So have fun, ration well, and be creative! This jar is your canvas to express yourself




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