Organic Pharmer- Rye Ridge, NY

Hey guysss, so we literally posted about this place like 5 days ago (the last post before all the Florida posts), but the sis and i were cravin the food again because it was so good. We got the orange juice, the salad that we got last time, and this time we also got the quinoa sushi that everybody raves about. As much as i love Organic Pharmer (their salads, juices, and chia puddings are amazing), the sushi was kinda eh. It wasn’t bad, it was just okay. Olie said, “the more i eat it, the more i like it”. So… maybe that’s good? To me, it just tasted like quinoa, not really like sushi at all. But everybody loves it, so maybe it’s just us, and it’s actually worth giving a try. idk up to you! Check it out. (They gave us a cool bag to go for free too! I love free stuff)



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