Vegan Plaza Ice Cream Parlor- Disney World, Orlando FL

Disney has vegan ice cream. That is actually not a joke though. They legit have tofutti ice cream and rice dream. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. My little sister and I got vanilla tofutti coke floats and Olie got a bowl with one scoop of tofutti chocolate and one vanilla (i keep forgetting how to spell vanilla, it’s embarrassing). Olie put the peanut butter sauce on hers, but later found out it wasn’t vegan. (WE’RE TRYING OKAY!? GIVE US A BREAK) Anyways, even without her peanut butter sauce, she loved her ice cream and the coke floats were pretty darn great. Check it out for a sweet, cool treat on a hot ass day. #YUMMM #IJustWroteHotAss

P.S. The picture below is a picture of my little sister Leila in front of the ice cream shop. Not me. Everybody thinks she looks more like me than my twin does. Hah, i feel bad for her.




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