Vegan options at Universal Studios (Feat. Mel’s Drive In)- Orlando, FL

So you know how people feel at home in their beds or on their porch or in their hometown? Well, I feel at home at Universal Studios. (Whether that is extremely sad or kinda cool…) Anyway, as a vegan it is a constant struggle (**but better than those of the poor animals we refuse to eat DUH) to eat out on vacation. Well, you are in luck you little vegan aliens, Universal has some options. Granted they aren’t healthy options, but it’s vacation. Learn to let go a little and carpe that fucking diem.

So at Mel’s Drive in (Like the one in American Graffiti) they have a veggie burger that is apparently vegan and comes with fries. Fries were delicious. I didn’t eat the burger because I was skeptical it had cheese in it. It most likely 100% did not, but I kinda psyched myself out. Anyway, if you aren’t a paranoid freak like me, please do enjoy that veggies burger. We got it without the bun too because (vegan life hack) most burger/hot dog buns have milk in them! #screwyouguys 


Ok so if you are looking for a quick bite and something to cool you down (It was literally 350 degrees out), a bunch of stands have vegan slushies and soft pretzels. We personally always get a mix of the coke slushy and the cherry slushy for that (naturally) cherry-coke taste. And the soft pretzels are great on the go and very soft and delicious if you are addicted to carbs like me. 



You can also get the rainbow ice at any dip n’ dots truck. Delicious and super fun to eat. If you’re into that dip n’ dots life doe, of course.


And last but not least, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter does have some options for the vegans! You too can enjoy some of the wonderful candies Honeydukes has to offer! (I would skip out on the puking pastilles if you get ma drift doe) My sis and I got a bag of candy to fill up with sour belts (Strawberry and apple/strawberry) and candy floss, which is just a fancy british way of saying cotton candy. Please enjoy the photo below of my youngest sister at Honeydukes. (She instgramed this photo earlier with the caption: “Why do Dylan’s when you can do Honeydukes?” <—- true dat seestra) 




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